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Five Celebrities Who Have Done a Good Job of Staying Out Of Trouble

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Being a celebrity in the modern age must be pretty strange. You are a regular person, just like everyone else. Yet you are not really treated like it. You are held in higher regard, and for that reason, often times celebrities can get away with more bad behavior than your average person has. There are celebrities who clearly take advantage of this (Looking at you, Biebz), and there are celebrities you seemed to have stayed on the right side of the law and the right side of the moral compass, no matter how famous they got. Here, for your consideration, here are five celebrities who have stayed out of trouble for the entirety of their careers (so far).

Natalie Portman

One of the most beautiful, graceful actresses alive, let us not forget she grew up in front of our eyes on the silver screen. But at any point, did she slip up and get arrested or get in trouble or even do anything anyone could look at as wrong? Nope. Heck, she is as down to Earth in real life as anyone, yet she is Natalie Portman. Blows the mind, right?

Julia Roberts

Much like the above mentioned Portman, Julia Roberts has kept herself squeaky clean for the entirety of her career, which has spanned decades. Not even one single slip up. Makes you think she is some sort of robot, programmed to be perfect or something. Seriously, though, there is nothing wrong with that.

Matt Damon

This one surprises me, because I am from Boston, and know how rowdy and out of hand local boys can get. Add that to the fact that he is friends with Batfleck, and it shocks me he has never been cuffed for beating up a Yankees fan. Just goes to show you what a good, classy guy he is amidst all the, well, not so classy people that sometimes get all the attention.

Seth Rogen

Alright, I wont say it, but we all know what we would IMAGINE this guy getting into trouble for at some point in his life (think Pineapple Express) but ironically, he is a good guy who keeps to himself and stays out of the way of trouble. Just makes us appreciate his every-man charm even more.

George Clooney

George Clooney is the man. This pretty much sets that in stone. Like anyone at all had their doubts. We also know he has quite a reputation with the ladies, and this goes to show you that “nice guys finish last” just might be a misnomer after all.

So what did you think of our list of five celebrities who have stayed out of trouble? Who did we forget? Take to the comments and let us know, and if we use your idea in a follow-up, we will shout you out!

(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty images)

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