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Five Celebrities We Would Love To Hang Out With

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For the most part, we know celebrities are just regular people who have a cooler job than us. But even we can admit, there are a handful of stars and celebrities we would really love to hang out with. Maybe because we would like to get to know them better. Maybe because they seem a little wild and it would be a lot of fun. Or maybe, just maybe, because at the heart of it, these five celebrities just seem like awesome people and like you would come home with a bunch of cool stories to tell your friends.

Peter Dinklage

Come on, you know Tyrion from Game of Thrones it at the top of our list. Why? Because anytime we see him out of work he driving scooters or playing with hula hoops or just looking like an overall cool guy. Peter Dinklage seems like a very cool and modest human, and I cannot help but think a night of drinking mead and sharing stories with him would be a game changer.

Aaron Paul

We almost went with Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad, but decided to go with Jesse. Why? If you see him in interviews and footage, much like Dinklage above, he just seems like a normal dude well aware of how lucky he is to be in the world he is in. On top of that, he always seems like he is in a good mood and ready to party. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this guy?

Scarlett Johansson

Listen, I am only human. Think the reasons for this one are pretty obvious. Would just be nice to bask in her warming rays of beauty for a moment is all. Also, she is an Avenger. We have always wanted to hang with an Avenger

Donald Glover

I know picking Troy from Community may seem odd, but honestly, between Donald Glover’s acting and rapping career, he just seems like an interesting dude with a lot going on upstairs. He also seems very humble and down-to-earth, which is something we factored in when choosing the five celebrities we would love to hang out with.

Christopher Walken

Yup, he is the one we would pick first. An odd and captivating man, we just wanna see what he is like in real life. From the accent to the crazy eyes, we know it would be a day we would never forget.

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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