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Five Celebrities With Really Funny Commercials When They Were Young

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I think we sometimes forget that a lot of famous actors or actresses have been going at this gig since they were just kids. What this means is, if you dig deep enough into any celebrity’s past, you will find that one, old commercial they are all probably a little bit embarrassed about. Rather than make it so you have to dig up all these great commercials yourself, we thought we would save you the trouble and do it for you. Here are five celebrities with commercials from their youths they are probably a little embarrassed about now.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Burger King

Keep in mind, there is anything spectacularly embarrassing about the commercial itself, but what about behind-the-scenes? What most people don’t know is, at the time, McDonalds was so upset about being called out in this commercial, they banned Sarah Michelle Gellar from McDonalds after it aired.  Seems weird to take it out on the actress and not the company.

Aaron Paul and Corn Pops

If there is one thing I really know about former Breaking Bad sidekick Aaron Paul, it’s that he “gotta have his Pops!” This one is funny because it almost seems as if it is a young Jesse Pinkman in the commercial, before he was ruined by drigs. Makes you watch it with whole different eyes. Also, please note, he doesn’t use the B word here, which is a nice change of pace for him.

Jack Black and Atari

I personally think this one is amazing. If I could go back in time and be in an iconic video game commercial, I totally would. Pitfall ushered in the “platform” game genre, and I happen to know Jack Black is an avid gamer, so he must actually be kind of proud of this.  The best part here is, you can already see he has a flair for the dramatic. Or maybe it’s just the hat. Not really sure.

Leo DiCaprio and Bubble Yum

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, bubble gum was big business. No idea why, but it was. A big part of that was making commercials that made your bubble gum seem EXTREME (whatever that means). Cue mega star Leonardo DiCaprio starring in this awesome ad for Bubble Yum bubble gum. It has everything that made the 90’s so cheesy and awesome.

Lindsay Lohan and Jello

How many young actors can say that, before their downward spiral, they made a Jello commercial where they were dancing and rapping with Bill Cosby? Not many, but Lindsay Lohan can. Though clearly this is not how we think of her now, it is a nice reminder of a much more innocent time in the actresses life. Plus, it kinda makes me want grape Jello. I mean, do they even make grape Jello anymore. I am kind of out of the Jello loop at this point.

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Trevor Project)

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