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Five Celebrities Who Seem Larger Than Life

There are celebrities, then there are CELEBRITIES. The people you can tell are just carrying themselves differently than most. The kind of guys and gals who command a room, no matter who else is in there. The kind of celebrity that would even make you stumble over your words if you ever got a chance to meet them. I thought I would take a moment and write up a quick list of the celebrities who seem larger than life.

Sam Jackson

I mean, come on. Dude is not only cool, but smart and super talented. On top of that, he always seems like he is one breath away from yelling at someone. Those things add up to definitely build a personality that could best be described as larger than life.


Say what you want, but this woman has been doing her thing for 30 years, and that is a 30 year reign as a superstar. You may think you would be cool and collected if you met Madonna, but odds are, you would be super intimidated by her star status.

Christian Bale

We all remember his rant on the set of his Terminator movie, and I think every one of us would fear being on the other end of that. But it could also be said that Bale is awesome, so it would be difficult to not approach him and want to shake his hand. Thing is, not sure if that would be the best idea with him or not. He is a tough read, but a very talented man.


I know I mention him a bit on these lists I write, but really, he is like the Don of New York right now. Add to that his insanely famous and stunning wife, Beyonce’, and these two are a power couple the likes of which this world has not seen in a very long time. They definitely both seem larger than life, but stuck with Jay-Z on this one.

Tom Cruise

Just kidding.  Actually we’re not but we just don’t know what to say about Mr. Cruise right now.

(Photo by Justin Hession/Getty Images for Shooting Stars)

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