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Five Celebrities Who Seem Like Genuinely Nice Guys

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The one thing that the media likes to focus on when it comes to celebrity is the celebrities who do bad things or act improperly in public. You ever notice the stars who do bad things get way more press than the stars who do nice things and seem like nice people? Well, we thought it might be cool to take a few moments to focus on the good guys. The stars who seem like they would hold a door for you and sign a picture without any issue. The celebs who seem perfectly approachable and cool. Here are five celebrities who seem like genuinely nice guys.

Jimmy Fallon

We would go so far as to say Jimmy Fallon might just be the king of the nice guys right now. He is one of the few cases when someone gets what they deserve. We are stoked for Jimmy Fallon’s run on The Tonight Show, and he is living proof that nice guys don’t always finish last. Oh, and you can’t bring up nice guys in pop culture without bringing up Fallon’s BFF.

Justin Timberlake

If anyone in the world could walk around feeling like a a cocky dude, it should be Justin Timberlake. Singer, dancer, actor, and somehow does them all well. But no. Reality is, anyone who meets him says he is the nicest guy in the world, and he always takes time to stop and talk with fans the sign things. May seem insignificant, but in a world filled with unapproachable jerks, this one non-jerk really stands out.

Norman Reedus

He may play the complete bad*ss, Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, but in real life, the actor who portrays him is a down-to-Earth every man who has no problem shooting the breeze with his fans. There is actually a strong juxtaposition between Daryl and Norman. While Daryl may be a man of all action and little words, Norman is all about hugging his fans and interacting with those who helped get him where he is today.

Aaron Paul

Come on. We have all seen the footage. When some fans showed up at Aaron Paul’s house and he ended up going outside and hanging with them for ten minutes. It is one of the coolest things we have ever seen such a big star do. That is how Aaron Paul really is. Just a dude who is blown away at how popular he has become, and has no problem showing some love to the fans who show so much love to him. Rest assured, you showed up at most actor’s houses, they would want to shoot you.

Patrick Stewart

Yes, he was a Captain on Star Trek, but that doesn’t mean he is too good to show his humble side. As a matter of fact, if you see this esteemed actor any time out in public, any side of him is his humble side. Add to that his BFF is Sir Ian McKellen, and it hits you. Patrick Stewart is one of the coolest guys on Earth. Well, cool and humble. What is better than that?

So who did we miss? What celebrities do you think seem like genuinely nice guys? Take to our comment section and let us know.

(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

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