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Five Musical Celebrities Who Seem Larger Than Life

Jay Z Performs At The Staples Center

You have to admit, there are certain musical celebrities who seem larger than life. Characters who carry themselves with so much mojo and swag, you cannot help but notice. The kinds of celebrities you would be in silent awe if you met, unsure of what to say so you don’t sound foolish. These celebrities are often super stars, and just have a different, less approachable energy than TV and movie celebrities. Here are five musical celebrities who seem larger than life.


Could Jay-Z be the biggest superstar celebrity alive right now? yes. Even the President wants to hang out with him. What does that tell you? Also doesn’t help that him and his lovely wife Beyonce are pretty much the most famous power couple of all time. Wait, I mean that DOES help.

Lady Gaga

I know, I know. She WANTS us to think this about her. She plays this up. Thing is, you know how you know it’s true? You would never be able to get within ten feet of her. That is what would happen if you ever tried to approach her, and that cements her with larger than life status.

Elton John

Well known for being a bit of a diva, Elton John makes it quite clear to everyone he is one of the biggest stars alive, and he seems to relish in that attention and title. Dude’s been making great music for so many decades, though, we can’t even be mad at him or his outrageous ego.

Kanye West

We almost didn’t want to mention him and Jay Z in same article, but we would be fools not to. Yes, they may be different sides of the same coin, but regardless. We all know Kanye West thinks he floats five feet off the ground with a glowing gold halo at all times, and who are we to try to tell him otherwise.


She may be a little bit older and out of the loop, but she is Madonna. Madonna will always be Madonna. Madonna will aways be a superstar of the highest order.

So who do you think are the musical celebrities who seem larger than life?

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