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Five Musicians With Odd Requirements Before a Show

Do you know what a rider is, in terms of music? It is a form a musician or celebrity gives to an arena before they go play it that lists all their odd requirements. They can be famous for having some crazy things on them that make no sense. We decided to read through a bunch of riders and find five that were just too weird for words. These are the artists behind those riders, and those exact requests.  Some of these may make you laugh, and some may make you very very angry. That is the beauty of riders. There is something for everyone.

(Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

Axl Rose: Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses wants square melon. I bet you don’t even know what that is, right? Well, in certain places they grow watermelons in square containers so they can fit into fridge’s easier. Axl Rose will not p;ay your arena unless you give him one. The problem is, they are mostly grown in Japan. Perfect example of a musician or star being as difficult as possible just to be difficult.

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Prince: Prince will not play your arena unless you provide him with a doctor who has a shot of Vitamin B12 at all times on hand. Not even kidding. Dude is a germaphobe and just wants to ensure his immune system is staying in check. Somehow, that is the venues’ job?  See, we told you a few of these would be weird. Trusting a stranger with a needle seems pretty out there.

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Jennifer Lopez: The woman famous for being a diva acting like a diva should surprise no one. Seems J-Lo wants her coffee to be stirred anti-clockwise. So you know how you normally stir coffee? Well, you better stir it in the opposite direction for J-Lo, because she will walk away and not play a show if you do otherwise. She must get real confused in Australia.

(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

M.I.A: Famous for seeing just how far as famous musician can push her rider, singer M.I.A demands three people, dressed in burkas, to rock out to her music around her and pump her up before the show. Also, she insists on a bottle of Absinthe. Stuff is illegal in the U.S, so it just goes to show you how above the law some of these folks can be. She should go on tour with Axl Rose. Their rider would be the stuff of legends.

Now, onto the one band who does it right:

Foo Fighters: The ONE band who deliberately go out of their way to make fun of the idiocy of riders IN their rider. It seems the Foo Fighters INSIST on six packages of Cup O’ Noodle instant soup. Two have to be beef and four veggie. The thing is, they only want this if they play your arena on Wednesday. Not even kidding. Actually, Foo Fighter’s rider is also a coloring book and an activity book where they openly make fun of how gaudy rock stars can be. There is a reason Dave Grohl is one of the coolest dudes around, and that kinda sums it up.

So what is the strangest thing you have ever heard requested on a rider? Take to our comments or our Facebook and let us know. Just don’t bring up the brown M&M’s. Everyone knows about that, which is why we left it off the list.

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