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Five Rappers Who Made Movies

I bet twenty five years ago, no one had any idea the media institution rap and hip hop would become. Where once it was a form of music, now it is truly an industry. From sneakers to video games and special edition cars, rappers are all about making that cheddar now. One way some of the more charismatic rappers broke free was by trying their hand in film. Here are five rappers who made movies.

Eminem (in 8-Mile)

The craziest part of Marshal Mathers starring in 8-Mile was just how shockingly good the movie was. It only focused on a small section of his life, and fictionalized a great deal of it, but everything from the rap battle scenes to the Oscar winning soundtrack showed just us all Eminem was much more than a one trick pony.

50 Cent (in All Things Fall Apart)

I know you guys thought I would go with Fiddy in Get Rich or Die Trying, but that was just his version of 8-Mile. No, instead see him in this gripping drama where he is dying of Cancer. He lost so much weight for the role, he is hardly even recognizable.

L.L Cool J (In Deep Blue Sea)

All I need to say is L.L Cool J as a chef who fights sharks, and you should realize this role was pure B-movie magic.

Ludacris (in Crash)

Another one that was really impressive. We were used to seeing Luda as an over-the-top, larger than life caricature of who he really was, and Crash gave us the chance to see a much more troubled, darker side.

Mos Def (in Be Kind, Rewind)

Mos Def has actually been in a few movies, but his outing here with Jack Black was easily one of the best. Funny, surreal, and genuine, Be Kind Rewind showed us that rappers can do it all, from sad to quirky.

So which one is your favorite rappers who made movies? We left out Tupac because that was so obvious, by the way.

(Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

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