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Five Sports Celebrities Who Are Larger Than Life

There are different levels of super stardom in our world. A sort of hierarchy of who is who in the world of the famous. And if you look just under movie stars and just next to rock stars, you see athletes and sports celebrities. They live in a world by themselves and often carry themselves larger than life and come across that way, too. Here are five sports celebrities who are larger than life. In some cases, almost literally.

Shaquille O’ Neil

Okay, we had to start the list with him because he is literally larger than life. You stand this dude next to “life” and he is a good foot taller. On top of that, he is a household name which really is why he is here.

Tiger Woods

He may act low key, but the larger than life aspect of what Tiger does comes from just how rich he is, how sordid and wild his former days are, and how everyone knows he is a household name. You may not even watch Golf, but you know about Tiger Woods. That says it all.

Michael Jordan

Ah, the king. When it comes to larger than lives figures in sports, no one can touch Michael Jordan. Definitely one of the greatest to ever play the game, everyone knew who Jordan was and admired what he can do. Heck, he was even in Space Jam. It may not have been a great movie, but they don’t give movies to just anyone, you know?

LeBron James

How can I mention Michael and yet not mention the man who has done all he can to emulate his career. It could even be said that LeBron seems to be looked at as more a rock star than a basketball star. Not because he can rock out, but the way he carries himself. LeBron is also a but to do with the NBA becoming more and more prolific over recent years. He is even rumored to be starring in a Space Jam sequel. There’s serendipity for you.

Big Papi

Sorry, I am a Boston guy, so I had to give Big Papi some love. He may not be that graceful, or say the most brilliant things, but he is Big Papi. Around Boston, this guy is treated like Superman, straight up.

So there you have it. Five sports celebrities who are larger than life. So which one is your favorite, and who did we miss? Take to the comments and let us know.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for MJCI)

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