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Five Things You Didn’t Know about Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers is an elite NFL quarterback with an estimated net worth of about $60 million. Rodgers became the starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers in 2008 after backing one of the all-time greats Brett Favre. He was selected by the Packers in the first round (25th) overall in the 2005 NFL Draft. As a starter, Rodgers have been one of the best. In 2010, he lead the Packers to a Super Bowl title and was named MVP of the game. He was voted as the NFL MVP after the 2011 season. He was also named the Associated Press Athlete of the Year that year.

Rodgers has a number of records to his named as an NFL quarterback. Most notably he’s the only quarterback to have a career passer rating over 100.0 in the regular season as well as having the highest touchdown to interception of all-time. Actually, Aaron Rodgers should be called Aaron “Record Holder”. The Packers quarterback owns over 35 career and single season records combined. He also owns a number of Green Bay Packers records as well. No doubt Rodgers is known for his stellar play, but he’s also recognized for his State Farm “Discount Double Check” celebration.

Those are the basics (and there are a lot more) about Rodgers, here’s what you might not know..

Community College

Aaron Rodgers fans know Aaron Rodgers attended Butte Community College in California, but the casual NFL fan has no idea. The common misconception is that Rodgers was a star high school quarterback, went on to star at Cal-Berkeley then got drafted into the NFL. Well, not quite, but close enough. There was a pit stop first.

The NFL’s Highest Paid Player

With an average salary of $22 million a season, Rodgers is the NFL’s highest paid player. When he’s healthy, he’s also the NFL’s best quarterback (alright, that’s debatable, but he’s up there). Rodgers is in an elite class with Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady being the only NFL players to earn in total over $31 million a season.

Bachelor Contestant’s Sister?

Rodgers has been media fodder for his personal life for quite some time. He spent a good amount of time dating former Bachelor Contestant Shawntel Newton’s sister Destiny. There was even speculation that the two were engaged. Think again – Rodgers has seemingly moved on with actress Olivia Munn. Not bad if you ask me!

ex-Best Friend & Business Partner

Interesting story is that Rodgers is/was good friends with Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun. The two were partners in a restaurant group, 8-Twelve, which are their two numbers. However, after Braun’s admission to using performance-enhancing drugs they are no longer connected in a business relationship. Our guess is they are still friends!

Mr. Photobomb

Rodgers is the king of the photobomb. Perhaps one of the best statistics of his career is that he’s been sneakily photobombing pictures taking of the captain’s meeting and coin toss since 2006. And when we say sneakily, he’s managed to be in every single one. Is that not the best Rodger’s stat or what?


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