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Five Things You Didn’t Know about Daniel Craig

"Skyfall" Australian Premiere

If you look back at the history of the James Bond franchise, it is clear to see, there were some hits and misses as far as Bond goes. Sean Connery  is pretty much the favorite Bond of everyone for infinity (and probably will remain so), but Daniel Craig might be the first actor to give the franchise the kick it needed. More action, more swagger, more tortured and layered, Craig has brought much to the character. But we are also quick to point out that he is so much more than just James Bond, and he wants the world to know that. Here are five things you didn’t know about Daniel Craig.

Didn’t Want To Be Bond

I know this may seem funny to some of us now considering how bloody good he is at the role, but there was a time when he was first offered it that he wanted nothing to do with 007. He just didn’t think he was the right person, but they insisted (and offered some sweet bank) and he figured he could try it on. I am sure a few shaken, not stirred, martini’s helped seal the deal. Who knew the figurative suit would fit so well? Apparently, not even him.

He Will Be In a Sequel To Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Outside of Bond, his work in this Fincher film has been some of his most interesting work on-screen yet. Though it seems the second film is taking quite some time, it has officially been announced, and Craig’s character is set to come back. Considering these are remakes, we know some of you must know how it all plays out for him in that trilogy already, huh? Can’t wait to see Daniel Craig;s interpretation of the character, start to finish.

Almost Fifty Years Old

Well, honestly, it’s still just about half a decade away for him. But still, you look at a guy like Craig and it is hard not to feel like maybe you should hit the gym more. For most of us growing up, fifty seemed old. You take a look at Daniel Craig you realize, fifty is a state of mind.

Was in a Tales From the Crypt Episode

Long before he was known on American shores, Daniel Craig ws a struggling British actor just trying to make the money to pay the bills. If you go back through his history long enough, you find out in 1996 he had a small bit on the HBO horror show, Tales from the Crypt. The episode is called Smoke Wrings, and you should look it up.

Only Two More Films as Bond

As much as he didn’t want to do Bond at first, he did sign on to do two more Bond films after Skyfall (which admittedly, was pretty good), but don’t expect him to wear Bond’s suit forever. Last thing he wants at this point in his career is to be type cast, so it is fair to say, expect two more Bond films with him as the character. But past that, only he knows.

The reality is, Daniel Craig has been acting most of his life. Though he loves the screen, he feels just as at home on stage, and can belt out a tune if need be (see Infamous, just trust me). So really, wherever he goes after portraying the most cool Bond since Connery is up to him.

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