Five Things You Didn’t Know about Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes Tones Up With Reebok

Right now, the talk of the town is Eva Mendes and the fact that she is now officially carrying Ryan Gosling’s baby. The two, though super stars, kept their relationship very guarded and very private, but one can only hide news like that for so long. But as you will learn, there is much more to her than just the fact the she’s gonna be Ryan Gosling’s “baby-momma”. In the industry for a lot longer than people assume, here are five things you didn’t know about Eva Mendes.

Got A Big Break in Will Smith Video

There is a fleeting moment in the Will Smith Miami video when you can see Eva Mendes driving by Will and mouthing the hook to the song. She was much younger back then, but already had her eyes set on the prize, even back then. Ironically, she would end up calling Will out in an interview about not remembering her from that video when they went on to do the movie Hitch together. Funny how life comes full circle.

Ryan Won Her Over With Intelligence

Even before her current relationship got serious, Eva Mendes told Cosmopolitan that when a man knows current events, art, and architecture, that is a huge attraction for her. We can only assume that was part of it when it came to her current relationship. It is also refreshing to hear a female who is attracted to more than just looks. That is called a Sapiosexual, in scientific terms. Someone who is attracted to someone for their mind. Though I am sure his washboard didn’t hurt.

Deathly Afraid of Spiders

I mean, who doesn’t right? It is not like this is weird or irrational, as even typing the word gives me the willies. But Eva’s arachnophobia is so bad, some people have used plastic, toy spiders on sets of movies just to see her jump up and run away screaming. No, but seriously, who doesn’t?

She doesn’t like to go out

She doesn’t like clubs. The only reason she ever sleeps away from home is if she has to work somewhere far from where she lives. Other than that, a perfect night for her is curling up on the couch and watching a good show while munching on some snacks. Man, the more and more I write this, the more I realize Ryan Gosling may have landed the greatest woman of all time.

Wants to Work With David Lynch

Okay, that sealed it. I think I just fell for Ryan Gosling’s lady. Man, that stinks. Anyway, Eva Mendes has always said that surreal master David Lynch is one of the directors she most wants to work with. That might explain her amazing turn in the recent surreal masterpiece, Holy Motors. Maybe she wanted to show Lynch she could do it. She nailed that film, so I hope he took note. She would be magnificent in one of his films.

So as you see, she may keep her social life quiet, but there is much going on with this multi-cultured and multi-talented actress. I am sure we have even yet to see what she is fully capable of, cinematically. Next up personally? A family. Best of luck and best wishes to her and my new arch rival, Ryan Gosling.

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Reebok)

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