Five Things You Didn’t Know about Gary Oldman

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Gary Oldman might be one of the best actors in the world. If there are people reading this who only know him from the last decade, you are doing yourself (and his body of work) a great injustice. What many don’t realize is that Gary Oldman has convincingly portrayed every kind of person one possibly can on film. From the kinds of bad guys who make you sit back in your seat in terror, to the kind of warm hearted man you just want to give a hug to. Reality is, he has played punks, vampires, and everything in between, and you he pretty much steals every scene in every film he is in. But there is much that people do not know about this wonderful actor. Here are five things you didn’t know about Gary Oldman.

His Guilty Pleasure is Project Runaway

Sometimes we find stuff out when we write these kinds of articles that even surprise us. File this one of those occasions. He did admit to US Weekly that he digs Project Runway. No word on if this is because he is forced to watch it or just has a passion for fashion.

Quit School At Sixteen

You would never assume someone as talented and well-spoken or well-versed as Gary Oldman quit school, but indeed, that is just what he did at sixteen years old. He did this so could work and start making money. His first job at this time was working in a sports shop. By the way, kids, stay in school. Your story likely wont end as well as his did, otherwise.

He’s Dyslexic

This one may also help factor into the above decision. When kids are dyslexic, the challenges it adds academically are far greater then people would know. Yet also, look at how he perseveres, regardless. It is not an affliction that ever goes away. It is just one you learn to live with and control better (by simply being aware of it). But now he reads and memorizes scripts perfectly, so it goes to show you no challenge is too great for any of us.

He Has Portrayed Many Real People

From his career defining turn as Sid Vicious in Sid and Nancy, to his turn as Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK, Gary Oldman has a tendency to play people who exist or existed at one time. He has even portrayed Beethoven in 1994’s Immortal Beloved.

He Has Recurring Nightmares About His Job

One such nightmare is that he is on stage (as he loves to do live theater) and he cannot recall what play he is in or any of the lines, just as the spot light shines on him. It may sound silly, but it shows you people who are masters at their craft can still get choked up from time to time by fleeting feelings of insecurity.

So if you are one of the people who knows Gary Oldman best as Commissioner Gordon, you need to spend a week (or year) watching this man’s full catalog of films, as he is easily one of the best (and from this article, most interesting) men in the world.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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