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Five Things You Didn’t Know about Hank Baskett

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Over the last few years, Hank Baskett has become more well known for starting a family with former Playboy Playmate and reality star, Kendra Wilkinson, than his impressive career in the NFL. He has lived his life in front of reality TV camera for years now, and yet it seems we know so little about the former wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. With that in mind, here are five things you didn’t know about Hank Baskett.

Born in Mexico

Though you would never know it from his name (which makes him sound more like a country singer), Hank Baskett was actually born in a part of New Mexico called Clovis (which sounds like a spice you would use around Christmas). Truth is, Baskett has some real love for New Mexico and lets that pride be known any chance he gets.

Played Almost Every Sport in High School

We suppose this one is not quite shocking to anyone who knows Hank Baskett’s history on the football field. But yes, when he was back in high school in New Mexico, he played football (that one was a given, played basketball, and also had quite a reputation for running track. His love for sports started early in life, and his talent for it no longer after.

He Graduated High School with a 4.0

We want you to think about this entry for a second. Not only did he excel at track, basketball, and football, but he also managed to graduate with perfect grades. The problem in our society is we assume all athletes are only good at doing athletic stuff, and they are written off as dumb. Hank Baskett stands as solid proof that is just not true at all. He had passion, and seems to apply it to everything he does.

He Proposed After Six Months

Some people like to call that jumping the gun, but Hank Baskett truly felt that Kendra Wilkinson was the woman for him. So one evening, at the top of the space needle in in Seattle, he proposed to her. They now have a son and a daughter together, which may prove he was pretty spot on about how he felt. We wont even touch those “affair rumors”. That would just sully this list.

Was Key Component To Silver Linings Playbook Novel

People loved the movie Silver Linings Playbook so much, many seem to have forgotten it was an actual book (written by Matthew Quick) before it was an award winning movie. In the book, the Pat People’s character was given a Hank Baskett jersey, which ended up being a key component to the movie. He even ends up getting an autographed picture of Baskett for his birthday. Though the Eagles and the love for the Eagles is touched on in the movie, it’s not nearly as in depth as it is in the book.

So even though it would be easy to write him off as a former footballer and the husband of a reality star (and reality star himself now), Hank Baskett has worked really hard to get where he is. One thing we know about life is, you can want something, but wanting is not enough. You gotta have the passion to go out and make it happen. That, my friends, is just what Hank Baskett has done his whole life.

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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