Five Things You Didn’t Know about J.J. Abrams

To deny or argue that writer/director J.J. Abrams lacks talent is just silly at this point. He is definitely one of the most respected and successful young directors on the scene right now. With TV shows and movies under his belt, as well as his recent acquisition of the directorial duties of the new Star Wars film, it is safe to say his star is only going to rise higher and higher. While many people may know some of the more well-known work he has done, we wanted to take a minute and tell you guys five things you didn’t know about J.J. Abrams.

Co-Created Teen Drama Felicity

We all know about Lost and Cloverfield, but how many people actually know that he was one of the creators of the late nineties teen show, Felicity? That was the show that gave him a real taste for television, and ended up opening many doors for him down the road. Including the show that made everyone sit up and take notice of him, Alias. Crazy to think it all started with Felicity.

Also Incredibly Talented Musician

Keep in mind, Abrams was sixteen when he first stepped on set. Not to direct, though. To score a film. it was still in the medium of film, though. Seems J.J. Abrams made the music for the cult film few have seen, Nightbeast when he was just sixteen years old. Yes, Nightbeast. I can’t find it anywhere, either. Truth is, he still works closely with music on his films and shows, and even came up with the themes of Alias and Lost. That just shows you he knew he wanted to be involved in film on some level since he was just a wee lad, yet still has that love and understanding of music, too.

Rumor Is He wrote A Superman Film

Though no one can find the script, there are (serious) rumors that Abrams wrote a script for a fifth Superman movie (an original series) that never got made. Now that he is a mega-super-huge-director and Superman films are relevant again, makes you wonder if we might just end up seeing that Abrams Superman film one day. Probably not, but you never know. Stranger things have happened in Hollywood.

Master of Viral Marketing

Straight up, there is no one who can market a movie (virally) better than J.J. Abrams. Do you remember the first footage we ever saw of Cloverfield was actually released as real footage on the web and left untouched as a real website for years? Outside of that, from Super 8 to all the hype he is now creating around the new Star Wars using perfectly timed TMZ photos, he is one man who truly understands how to market his work for the digital age. Can’t wait to see what little snippets and tid bits we get from the new Star Wars films before they come out. Everything he has (intentionally) leaked so far has me drooling for that film.

Now Working Closely With Valve

Maybe that means nothing to none gamer in you, but us gamers know just how awesome that news is. Valve is one of the best game companies out there, and to know potential Half Life and Portal movies may be coming from Abrams has us chomping at the bit. If anyone can handle that source material right, it is J.J. Abrams. So there you go. A writer, director, producer, musician, and so much more. J.J. Abrams is only starting off. Imagine what we will be saying about him in 20 years time?

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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