Five Venues to have Spotted Celebrities During New Years 2017

Celebrity New Years

No matter if they’re performing or just planning to hang out, celebrities are bound to be spotted on New Year’s Eve taking in the sites, enjoying a few drinks, or just spending time with friends and possibly family. While it’s common to go nuts and wildly exclaim about your favorite celeb when they make a public appearance, it’s also considered good etiquette to remember that they’re out to have some fun too, and aren’t likely to appreciate being mobbed by their legions of fans.

Granted, if they’re performing on New Year’s Eve then it’s entirely likely that they’ll expect. But if you happen to see your favorite celeb waltzing around on the street be aware that they might just be seeking some downtime from their otherwise hectic schedule. It’s okay to be excited, it’s even okay to walk by them, but do try and remember that unless they’re willing to stop and sign an autograph or take a picture, it’s best to let them enjoy the holiday like anyone else. With that being said, here a few venues where it might be possible to see a few of your favorite celebrities during the New Year’s Eve holiday.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

This is where you would expect a large number of celebrities to be on any given night considering its vast popularity and widespread notoriety for being one of the few cities in the world that never sleeps. The real Sin City almost always plays host to a number of celebrities. 2016 was no different as Drake, Maroon 5, Ludacris, and Kendrick Lamar were seen to perform in front of fans to welcome in the new year. Many celebrities also took to the casinos, mingling with the general population, and of course found their way into private suites and rooms in order to enjoy the night in relative peace. During the night it was very possible, if you looked, to find at least one or two celebrities milling about as the night wore on. In Las Vegas, anything can and usually does happen.

4. Miami, Florida

Miami is another happening city that doesn’t like to go to bed early or even turn off the lights before passing out from the festivities. Nikki Minaj took center stage after a cancellation from Jennifer Lopez, filling a much-needed spot that left some fans confused but others overjoyed. The party managed to last all day and all night in Miami as is usual with most celebrations, and the countdown to the ending of the year was met with great aplomb and raised voices as the new year was welcomed in with as much fanfare as possible. You might have even be able to catch Pitbull, Snoop Dogg, and Queen Latifah partying it up like only they can as you watched in the new year roll in.

3. New York City, New York

Nowhere else on earth is New Year’s Eve celebrated with as much enthusiasm as it is in Times Square, where the legendary ball once again began to drop as midnight drew near. Celebrities were teeming in this city throughout various locations where it was either very easy or very tricky to gain entry. Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy managed to take up their routine as hosts by ringing in the new year as part of the Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve that has become so iconic over the years. Other noted names such as Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, and Lionel Richie managed to join the festivities as they helped fans to celebrate the passing of another year and the emergence of a new one. It can be easily assumed that in the Big Apple, the party didn’t stop until the last bit of ticker tape hit the ground.

2. Los Angeles, California

Those that were looking for a more laid back and sophisticated New Year’s Eve might have managed to make their way west. Celebs that made their way out west to enjoy the festivities and more relaxed atmosphere included Fergie and Dita Von Teese, who both were seen to offer up performances that helped ring in the new year. Despite the party atmosphere this was a much calmer, more edgy display that was delivered in the trademark west coast style. It was a highly entertaining and alcohol-soaked night just like any other celebration on New Year’s, but with a much different feeling than might be experienced back east. When spotting celebrities on the west it’s usually possible to find them without having to buy or bribe your way into one of the more exclusive clubs. Like always however it is a good idea to have a camera, and your manners on hand, as bodyguards are a common staple of most celebs even on the holidays.

1. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville was alive with the sounds of a good old hard-hitting rock concert with a bit of country added in out at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, where the classic rock band Styx and Keith Urban put on one awesome show to welcome in the coming year. It was possible to see other celebs milling about as well, enjoying the concert and spending time watching their favorite performers. Nashville was the spot to be for New Year’s Eve, and a great place to enjoy good music and good company.


Celebrities are almost always able to be viewed far and wide across the United States, as so many of them are constantly seen working on this or that project, funding this or that charity, and are a constant presence within the American public. On a night such as tonight however, when celebrating New Year’s, a great many of them will flock to the same venues, or at least the same general location, making them easy to spot. Remember however, just because they’re easier to find doesn’t mean that they’re easier to approach. They’re trying to have fun too, so try and be respectful when you do happen to see them.

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