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Flamenco guitar master, Paco de Lucia, dies at 66

Paco de Lucia Performs in Concert in Madrid

It always fills me with a heavy heart to have to deliver such sad news like this. The passing of a legend can make such a huge impression. In this case, flamenco guitar master, Paco de Lucia,  dies at 66. If you have not ever heard what the man could do, you have done yourself a great injustice. Flamenco guitarists have a sound quite unlike anything you have ever heard, and Paco de Lucia led that pack with a distinct finger picking style that would often times be notes ahead of what your ears could follow. If the guitar can be thought of us a canvas, then Paco de Lucia was truly a master artist. A Picasso of the strings. Sadly, he has left this mortal coil to go play among the stars in the sky now.

BBC has the story, but we can let you know the key details. Paco de Lucia was 66 when he passed, and the worst part of the story is yet to come. You may want to sit down for this next part of the story, as it is truly heart breaking. Sadly, Lucia died from a heart attack he suffered while playing with his children on the beach. One could say he went out happy and surrounded by his family, so that is good. But you cannot help but weep for the children who had to see and experience that, first hand.

Paco de Lucia recorded his first album when he was only 18, and went on to make music his whole life. Known for transcending genres from flamenco to jazz, Paco de Lucia is a name that will forever be remembered as a man who was a master of the acoustic guitar. Our sympathies to his family and friends, as well as the world of music. His is a loss that will reverberate on the strings of the universe for ages to come.

(Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

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