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Fleetwood Mac Announce Tour with Christine McVie

I have to admit, this is pretty cool. Fleetwood Mac announced a tour with Christie McVie. This means my generation can actually get a chance to see Fleetwood Mac live, the way they were meant to be seen. As an entire band. While seeing Stevie Nicks would be cool, and seeing most of the band live would be cool, nothing can touch on seeing this amazing band as a whole unit, rocking the stage, and that looks like just what is gonna happen.

As Xpose’ points out, the tour will be kicking off in September and will be a 34 date tour around the country with the entire Fleetwood Mac lineup. There is even more good news than just Fleetwood Mac announce tour. There is also he fact that the original lineup will be recording a new album. I know maybe some of the younger readers may not know how cool this is, but Fleetwood Mac are a musical institution, and giving a whole new generation a chance to experience that is great news.

The one thing no one is really talking about yet is ticket prices, though. Not for nothing, but it will be safe to assume you will need a couple hundred dollars per ticket if you intend to see this band and do it from seats where they won’t look like insects playing toy instruments on a stage, miles away. The thing is, when it comes to a band like The Rolling Stones or Fleetwood Mac, that price is actually justified. They have been doing this for almost fifty years. If that doesn’t earn you high ticket prices, what does?

(Photo by Brian Killian/Getty Images)

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