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Forbes Names Steven Spielberg Most Influential Celebrity

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I can tell you, I would not be writing about TV, movies, and celebrities were it not for Steven Spielberg’s amazing films pushing me towards a field where I could not only be creative, but have a forum to thank those who were creative enough to inspire me and many like me. From E.T to Indiana Jones, everything the guy touched in the 80’s turned into an instant, all ages, classic. So it makes me very happy to announce that Forbes has named Steven Spielberg Most Influential Celebrity.

If you sit and think about all he has done, you cannot help but be awed. Had Forbes given the title to anyone else, it would not have been fair. There is an entire generation of writers, directors, and actors and actresses who would have never gotten into the field were it not for Spielberg’s work awing them as children. On top of entertaining, you look at movies like Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan and you realize, in between all the entertaining, he was teaching. I call that “edu-tainment”, and it is easily the best way to learn. So many of us would love to stand in line and shake Steven Spielberg’s hand for bringing us all such joy and excitement.

So was Forbes right to name Steven Spielberg Most Influential Celebrity? Frankly, yes. Without a doubt. Head over to Forbes to check out the how deep the praise goes.

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