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Four Seasons Foots the Bill For Justin Bieber’s Ferrari Repair

Justin Bieber’s Ferrari is currently in repair shop ICU, after his good buddy, Lil Twist, bottomed out as he peeled out of the Four Seasons driveway in Beverly Hills and TMZ learned the hotel is shockingly footing the bill.

As first reported Justin and Twist were staying at the Four Seasons on New Year’s Day, when Twist took the car for a spin on the 405 Freeway and got stopped by the CHP. As the deputy dealt with Twist, a paparazzo who was taking pics of the scene was struck and killed by a motorist. Turns out when Twist left the Four Seasons driveway, he caused $8,000 to $10,000 worth of damage to the whip.

This reeks of something right now.   I mean I almost don’t even care about the whole Ferrari thing.  What I do care about is that if the Four Seasons is footing the bill for the repairs, what in the hell else was going on at that hotel that evening?  What is the hotel trying to cover up?  I mean it has to be something right?

There’s just no way you pay the bill of someone’s car that did all the damage to your driveway.   It was Twist who was reckless here.  Not the hotel.  And the sad thing is, we’ll never find out anything.  Maybe TMZ will.  Who knows.

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