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‘Friends’ Stars Reunite on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Last night, all three of the female Friends cast members reunited briefly on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.  The women reprised their original roles from the hit sitcom on a replicated version of the Friends set and acted out a skit with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. While speaking with Friends star, Jennifer Aniston, Kimmel admitted that he was a fan of Friends during the show’s original run.  He then told Aniston that he created a fan fiction script in which he would play the role of David Schwimmer’s character, Ross.  After agreeing to read through some lines with Kimmel, Aniston was shocked to see an exact replica of the Friends kitchen unveiled.

After refusing to wear “the Rachel wig,” As the crowd laughs, Kimmel cleverly prepares to introduce fellow former Friends star Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox as he insists that he and Rachel have breakfast with their friends “like normal people do all the time.”  Shortly after, Courtney Cox appears and begins reading lines as Monica – followed by Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe).  Kimmel then reveals that Matt LeBlanc’s character, Joey, and Matthew Perry’s character, Chandler, have died after being bitten by pet, Marcel the monkey. The skit ends with the ‘friends’ and Kimmel reading the lines to the opening song before Kimmel is left on stage alone, begging the girls to come back.  Friends fans were elated to see half of the beloved cast reunite, especially after rumors that a reunion was impossible.  In April, Courtney Cox told talk show host David Letterman that a reunion would never happen.

Friends, which aired from 1994 to 2004, and recorded over 200 episodes, was one of the most beloved TV shows of it’s era – ranking in the top 10 during its entire run and winning over 20 various awards.  Friends is also cited with having a major impact on American culture and the show’s popular coffeehouse has inspired imitations all around the world.

Even though last night’s reunion was entertaining, it was also bittersweet for those who loved the show and its cast. While many fans would love to see the cast reunite for a longer project they also understand that the Friendship has run its course and respect the sitcom’s special place in TV history.

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