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Gangnam Style Hits One Billion Views on Youtube

Who ever in their right mind would have ever predicted that “Gangnam Style” would be the first video to hit one billion views on Youtube. The South Korean dance track was posted online in July, propelling pop star Psy to worldwide fame.

YouTube’s owner, Google, said the video had been watched seven million to 10 million times a day on average. It overtook the previous record holder,  Justin Bieber’s music video Baby on November 24th.  One industry watcher said the fact so many people continued to post their own versions of Gangnam Style had played a huge part in the clip’s success.

Still though, I’m sitting here shaking my head that this was the one.  This was the video that not just the American people, but the world decided they wanted to watch more than any other video posted on Youtube.   I mean how in the world is this possible?  Like what about landing on the moon?  What about the dude who jumped from space?  What about clips from Seinfeld??????

I guess congratulations are in order for Psy but I’m still completely miffed.

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