Garth Brooks Announces Tour for 2014

2013 Country Music Hall Of Fame Medallion Ceremony

There was a time in the nineties when you could not bring up Country music without mentioning Garth Brooks. The man was just very much an icon when it came to the Country music scene. We can only imagine that base of strong fans must be really excited, as Garth Brooks announces tour for 2014. We have to wonder if he will bring out that strange, one-shot alter ego he rocked in the late-nineties. Chris Gaines. Just kidding, we know better. He does, too.

Broadway World talks more about the announcement, which Brooks made on GMA. Also, this is not just any tour. This is a w 52 week, full year, world tour. It’s not like Garth Brooks plans on playing one or two shows at one or two shoddy clubs. No, this will be a massive gig, spanning many countries. Garth Brooks also said he plans on having his wife, Country crooner Trisha Yearwood, and their three children with him. So in essence, he will be making music and be still be able to spend time with his family, so that is a win for everyone.

But when Garth Brooks announces tour, you know who really wins? All the country fans who have been waited with baited breath for the singer to return to the road.The tour begins in 2014, and we’ll tell you more as it becomes available.

(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)

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