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Garth Brooks Gets All His Ireland Shows Canceled

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So if you are a Garth Brooks fan, you probably heard about the five comeback shows in a row he intended to do at Croke Park Stadium in Dublin. Garth, who retired in 2001 was said that he was planning on doing five shows at Croke Park or no shows at all. Seems Croke Park and Dublin had some different plans for the star, as they are not allowing this to go on.

There seems to be some confusions, as many think Garth is the one cancelling the shows. That is not the case, though. No one in the history of music (including actual Irish artists like U2) have ever played five shows at a row in Croke Park. The people in charge, whilst having no animosity towards Garth Brooks, were set in making sure Garth Brooks wasn’t the first. Even though the first two shows had sold out to full capacity, the people in charge at Croke Park told him he could not do the other three shows. At this point, he told them he would do five shows or no shows. To this they laughed, and said “oh well.” It was at that point it became official that Garth Brooks’ comeback shows in Dublin were just not going to happen, even though Croke Park and the Irish economy would lose up to fifty million euros.

There is no talk yet on Garth planning the shows somewhere else.

(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Songwriters Hall of Fame)

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