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Gawker isn’t Backing Down From Quentin Tarantino Lawsuit

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So we are sure you have already heard the story. Quentin Tarantino gets his new script leaked online, and he responds in two ways. One, by deciding to pull the movie and not make it. Next, he decided to find a site that ran the script and decided to hold them responsible by suing them. In this case, the site is Gawker. The interesting part? Gawker isn’t backing down from Tarantino lawsuit. We have to admit, we are kind of one Tarantino’s side with this one.

Tarantino claims Gawker were doing “predatory journalism” and that they need to be held responsible for linking to his script on third party sites hosting it. Gawker says they only linked to the script and had nothing to do with it being leaked, which is why they are standing their ground. Writing for a website, I get their point. But at the heart of it, I am also a writer who has had worked leaked and stolen. There is a pretty gray area, but if Tarantino didn’t want his Hateful Eight script out there, and Gawker helped it reached millions more people, you can understand why he is mad.

Either way, Gawker isn’t backing down from Quentin Tarantino lawsuit, and Tarantino aint backing down. Almost sounds like the plot for one his movies. We will keep you posted on this one.

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