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What Happened to Rihanna’s Instagram?

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There was noticeably less activity on Rihanna’s Instagram account yesterday. The uber-famous pop star has no problem posting pictures of herself in bikinis and interestingly-revealing attire, however something dramatically changed. Rihanna was no longer showing off and posting these types of pictures.

Well, the reason that Rihanna wasn’t posting was because her Instagram was gone. Yesterday, Rihanna’s Instagram account totally disappeared and we’re only left to speculate as to why. Is Rihanna withdrawing from the spotlight like some celebrities so often like to do? Perhaps she was being disciplined by the social media giant for constantly posting revealing pics. Well, it’s all false and the story is actually kind of blah.

According to reports, Rihanna’s Instagram account was mistakenly caught in one of their automated systems and very briefly disabled. Instagram has released an apology to all of RiRi’s fans who missed out on a day of action. What’s interesting is that Rihanna’s account is still disabled despite the word from Instagram. For now, fans are greeted by a blank page that says either “no posts yet” or “User not found”.

It’s very peculiar all of it? I wonder what happened to Rihanna’s Instagram.

Photo by Mark Davis/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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