Harry Styles on Date Number Two with Kendall Jenner

We’d have to assume that this was just a matter of time right?  One direction star Harry Styles and reality TV show star Kendall Jenner went out on a first date but now Hollywood is reporting date number two!  Can you believe it?  Neither can we.  Apparently the two were spotted having a romantic lunch.  This being a week after their initial date.  And in Hollywood time, that’s pretty fast. Word has it that Styles was even generous enough to pick up the bill. Awwwwww.

Usually these celebs are so busy that seeing each other on a weekly basis is not easy by any stretch.   So we’re guessing that the two are fond of one another.   What’s not to love?  Both famous.  Both good looking.  Both young.  But let’s face it team.  Can you really see this lasting?

We’re pretty sure that Taylor Swift will be writing a song about it.

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