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Hayden Panettiere Reveals She’s Having a Girl

It’s a girl for Hayden Panettiere and her fiancé, Wladimir Klitschko! The Nashville actress and her future husband announced earlier this year that they were expecting a baby together, and the star slipped up on the red carpet at the Emmy’s and told E! New host Giuliana Rancic the sex of the baby.

“I can’t wait for her to come out,” Panettiere said during her interview with Rancic. Rancic responded by asking in a surprised tone, “It’s a girl?!” to which Panettiere responded to confirm.

“Yes, it’s a little girl. I have to shop. I want to go shopping, I want to paint the room…I’m working with my amazing interior decorator, Ben Vandiver, who did my house in Nashville. He’s trying to do something that she can grow up in and you don’t have to change everything,” she told Rancic. She goes on to tell Rancic a few other things about her pregnancy. For example, she’s always loved chicken noodle soup and now that she’s expecting, she loves it even more. Additionally, she’s in some pain walking around, heels or barefoot.

The star looked glamorous on the red carpet in a gown designed for her by Lorena Sarbu. Her biggest wardrobe issue of the night is keeping everything tucked into where it’s supposed to be and making sure her feet don’t hurt. Unfortunately for the petite star, her feet hurt all the time now because, according to her, her frame has never carried so much weight and her feet just can’t handle it.

She divulged one last piece of information surrounding the arrival of her baby, which is that no name has been chosen just yet. “We have to make sure that it is American and Ukrainian all at the same time. We’re still working on it but we have some options,” she says.

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