Homeland Finale Provides a Big Shock

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Listen, we knew something big has coming on Homeland. We knew this. I think it was safe to say we all knew the Brody story line was going to end with a bang. The problem for many when it came to the Homeland finale was, it DID end with a bang. The Homeland finale did something very few major shows do. They killed off a MAJOR character. Terrorist Nicholas Brody to be exact. But this immediately caused a fervor among fans. We are here to remind you, this makes sense.

Entertainment Weekly is talking about the episode, and we feel the same way about the Homeland finale that they do. There are many great shows that have lost many great characters and continued to be great shows. It is apparent from Breaking Bad to Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. In the current crop of high quality TV, big name characters die. If you think about Homeland, it makes even more sense. Brody was a terrorist and traitor, afterall. What else do they do with people like that?

Granted, some fans took to Twitter to express their outrage and how they will never watch the show again, but let me ask them: how would YOU have written the Homeland finale? If you ask us, they played it just right. A little hard to watch, but the best TV usually is.

As sad as the Homeland finale was, just think of all the great directions the show can potentially go now?

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