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Hugh Jackman Reports that He’s Cancer-Free

As we reported last week, Hugh Jackman was going in a second time to have a strange lump removed from his nose. He has been religiously warning people about sun exposure since the first time it was removed. The fact that it came back is usually a pretty bad sign that it may be cancer. This weekend Jackman got it removed again and tested and it seems the Aussie is officially Cancer free. Sorry, but it takes more than a lump of questionable skin on the nose to take Wolverine down.

Hugh Jackman had his Basal Cell Carcinoma removed two days before the premiere of his new X-Men movie, and it seems the results are that the actor is Cancer free. Australia actually has one of the highest rates of skin cancer (it is always warm and sunny and most of its residents are usually outside), and this is the second scare for the leading man. Since he found out, he has begged his fans to wear sunscreen and sun glasses and sun hat, warning that he is an example of just how dangerous the sun and skin Cancer can be.

So kudos to Jackman for beating this thing. Skin Cancer in any form is no joke, and we applaud him for being brave enough to take it to the mainstream press and try to use his problem to try to inform and help other people. Not only is he learning from his mistake, but using his mistake to help others learn. Now that is a true hero worthy of X-Men status.

(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for BMW)

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