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Hulk Hogan is Suing the Laser Spine Institute for being a “Bunch of Frauds”

Hulk Hogan claims the Laser Spine Institute in Florida is a total sham and it’s doctors duped him into undergoing multiple bogus procedures that were completely useless and damaged his career to the tune of $50 million, this according to a new lawsuit.

Hogan filed the suit in Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Court, claiming he turned to the LSI in 2009 when he seeking treatment for multiple lumbar spinal abnormalities including scoliosis and multiple bulging discs.  In his suit, Hogan claims he fell for a sales pitch which masqueraded as “medical advice” and allowed the LSI to perform multiple surgeries on his back.

Hogan claims that the procedures actually made him feel worse in the long run.   Hmmmm.  Where do we even begin here?  Hogan was hoping for spinal relief from a career that spanned over 30 years, 99% of which time spent was doing steroids, and doing more steroids.   All the while turning fake wrestling into what it is today.

Oh and then there’s his divorce and losing half his fortune that he’s contending with.   Could that be the issue?  I wonder.  You know what’s amazing?  Had the guy taken 10%, yes 10% of his earnings each year since he started wrestling and put them into a simple S&P Index Fund he’d have zero financial issues right now.  Hell even a 1% interest account would do just fine.

I hate celebrities but I love to complain about them.

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