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‘Indiana Jones’ Rumor About Bradley Cooper Replacing Harrison Ford Denied

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While the casting for the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Episode VII” is dominating the celebrity upcoming movie rolls rumor mill, another record-breaking franchise is about to take some of its steam. ‘Indiana Jones’ one of the most successful franchises in the history of movies is headed towards adding a fifth installment to the series.  The question is who is going to take the lead role?

Bradley Cooper was thought to be on the wish list to replace Harrison Ford, but those rumors are absolutely not true. Sources close to production told the HuffPost that Cooper is not under consideration to star in the films. Even more telling, there are no plans to reboot the franchise with another actor. All parties have allegedly been contacted and there is no truth behind any rumors around Cooper. The movie, however, still seems to be moving toward production.

The question is: who will be cast in these movies? My guess is you will see Harrison Ford back in the role as Indiana Jones. Will they add a younger, new age actor to compliment him or try to roll the movie out with Ford as the backbone again. To be honest, I think it’s Ford or nothing. If you’re a fan of the series it’s going to be hard to see other actors take the spotlight from the true Indiana Jones.

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