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Is Britney Spears Going to Leave “The X Factor?”

Rumors have it that Britney Spears, along with Demi Lovato, will be asked to step down from her X Factor judging seat by next fall’s season 3.  But it’s all just anonymous-source gossip for now as a Fox spokesperson told Entertainment Weekly, “No one has discussed next years judging panel yet,  any reports otherwise are complete speculation.”

Although we do have to admit it’s kind of fun to speculate on such rumors.  After all, who would step in?  Personally I’d like to see someone like Adele take the panel.  Maybe even a Lady Gaga?  That would be interesting.   The fact of the matter is, these American Idol type shows are now just recycling judges to keep the show fresh.

And yet they can dish out millions for said judges.  How about I become a judge on X Factor?  I have zero experience in the music industry whatsoever, but I’m sure I can make fun of people quite well.   Give me a shot!

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