Jay-Z Gives Himself Veganism for his Birthday

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Jay-Z is literally the man who has everything. From amazing success to a stunning, talented wife. On top of that, he is a famous rapper and esteemed business man, who could pretty much be swimming in money if he wanted like Scrooge McDuck. So honestly, what does the man who has everything get himself for his birthday? Well, you might be surprised at the answer. Put it this way. It might be the one thing he has that we don’t actually want.

USA TODAY has the story, but the gist of it is that Jay-Z will be trying out veganism for three weeks. Or as he likes to call it, a “plant-based” diet. Wait, what? Why in the…? You know, actually, we get it. As we all get older, our bodies seem less and less likely to want to work with us. Jay-Z knows he is getting old, and also knows he is on top of the world. So what is he doing? Extending his life. It actually makes a lot of sense. If you had billions of dollars and the most beautiful wife in the world, wouldn’t you want to stick around, too?

I mean, honestly, who can blame him?

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Samsung)

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