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Jennifer Hudson Buys a House for her Assistant for Christmas

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The news that Jennifer Hudson buys a house for Christmas is not really news. We know stars have exorbitant amounts of money and like to buy lavish things. But this story is unique and different. In this case, Jennifer Hudson buys a house for her assistant for Christmas. It is one of those stories you hear about that warms you frozen heart. Well, it warmed mine.

NY Daily News has the story, but we can give you the details. The long story short is that Jennifer Hudson knew her personal assistant was struggling trying to buy a home, and she decided to just buy the whole thing herself, and then film her assistant reacting to the news. It is really moving to see a celebrity reaching out and helping someone close to them. The assistant’s name is Walter Williams, and the two have been working together for years. Hudson thought what better gift than to help him reach a dream he has always aspired to? Judging by his reaction she caught on tape, she could not have been more correct.

Huge props to Jennifer Hudson for reminding us the true meaning of Christmas this year. Doing for others and not yourself.

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

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