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Jennifer Lawrence May Take a Year Off From Hollywood

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room

So the rumor floating around Hollywood today is that Jennifer Lawrence may take a year off from Hollywood after she finished the Hunger Games trilogy. I will be honest with you here, I know she may think it is a good idea and she may need it, but professionally speaking, it might not be the best idea (or might be a good time for her to figure out if this is a gig she really wants). If any of us who burnt out on our jobs could just take a year off, we would, but that is not how being an adult works. In her profession, you have a very small window where your name is hot. To vanish at the height of that fame can be a kiss of a death to a young career.

I know what you all are thinking. She is rich, and has been covered in praise for years now. She has earned a vacation. Fine, you say that. But in the year she is gone, you know how many other young, pretty actresses are going to pop up? She wants to walk away, but she also wants to come back and still have a career. It might be one or the other, hun. Your career realistically will not wait around for you. And all the parts that got written for you that year will go other, young, pretty actresses desperate to prove themselves (and work way cheaper).

So I, for one, say it wont happen.  We wish she gets the rest and time she needs, though, and we wish her the best in her decision. It can’t be an easy one.

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