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Jennifer Lopez Announces New Album “AKA”

Jennifer Lopez is quite the success story if you think about it. She started out as a background dancer and then worked her way up to movie star and pop music star. That is quite a remarkable climb, and one that is only destined to take her higher and higher. As many of you JLo fans know, the megastar has a new album out. Though little was known about it up until now, we finally have the name of her new album. It is called…..

AKA. You know, the sound a cat makes when it is choking on a hairball? No, no, we are  joking. The album title refers to the term Also Known As, which is play off of the fact that Jennifer Lopez has two names. She is named Jennifer Lopez, AKA JLo, so it makes perfect sense and is a nice play off her recognizing her alter ego. The album is filled with illustrious guest appearances (French Montana and Rick Ross to name a few) and it set to drop on June 17th.

It is hard not to be impressed with the life that Jennifer Lopez made for herself. It is not easy to climb the ladder, but she proves it is possible. Try to remember, she was just a simple background dancer on the old Fox show, In Living Color. Now she makes movies and music and is a household name. The most impressive part is, she did it all by herself and based off her talent. Also, being stunning didn’t hurt her climb.

Sorry, just keeping it real.

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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