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Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr, and Ryan Seacrest Will Return to Idol


There was a great deal of talk last season that American Idol may have been on the way out, or some of the talent associated with the show might be bailing due to failing ratings for the show. Well, if you are a fan of Jennifer Lopez and the rest of current American Idol crew, we have some really good news for you. The showing is coming back, with all hosts and judges intact.

So from Jennifer Lopez to Ryan Seacrest, you needn’t worry that they won’t be coming back for this season. The show just overhauled itself last season by getting rid of Minaj and Carey and all the drama that went along with those two. Yes, they had some wavering ratings, but that is just people getting used to the new energy from the judges. This also led many to speculate that Ryan Seacrest would not be coming back, as the man has his hands in about a million different projects. Alas, even Seacrest will be joining the American Idol team, for at least one more go.

We will be honest, too. The show was on some real shaky ground last season. Not in how it came across (we actually found the season and lack of host drama to be a refreshing change) but ratings wise, they took a huge dip. Glad to see this TV institution coming back and showing the world that it has the rep as the best music show out there for a reason, and it plans on keeping that rep.

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