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Jenny McCarthy is Lining Up a New Talk Show after The View Exit

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That Jenny McCarthy sure is a firecracker, huh? As much as everyone has been talking about her exit from The View, looks like she may have had a strategy the whole time. Where most people would just be floating about, unsure of what to do next, McCarthy has already started lining up her new talk show. Makes us wonder how long she had this planned in the first place. There is some fine print.

The new show Jenny McCarthy will have will not be on NBC, or CBS or any of those stations. It is not even a Hulu or Netflix exclusive. It is actually going to be a SiriusXM Radio Show. Think a blonder version of what Howard Stern does and you have the right idea. The only question now is will she be able to bring in the heads? She does have quite a history with pop culture over the last couple decades and she has made some powerful friends, so it all depends who her guests end up being and how well she can perform (off camera).

She also announced that news on the Howard Stern show as a sort of call out to him and a way to give homage. The show will be an hour long and will begin airing in its Wednesday slot starting on July 16th. Wow, she didn’t waste much time, huh? She took like, what? A week off?

(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images for NBCUniversal)

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