Jessica Simpson 100% Retires From Hollywood

Jessica And Ashlee Simpson Host Jessica Simpson Collection Event At Dillard's NorthPark Center

Jessica Simpson has decided she never wants to act again and has ever intention to leave Los Angeles for good. The only reason she’s staying in sunny southern California is because he husband, Eric Johnson, loves to golf. (Is that the only warm place in the country with golf?) According to RadarOnline, Jessica is pretty positive about this decision:

“Jessica has told friends that she’s 100 percent done with acting and never wants to read another script. Although critics laugh about her ‘acting,’ the truth is, she could make a couple of million dollars a year just with the network guest starring roles she’s offered as well as TV commercials, which she doesn’t enjoy.”

Well, I’m glad someone said it and not me. Regardless of her acting ability, Jessica Simpson isn’t a total joke. She’s become immensely successful with her shoe line while raising two children. Right now the only thing keeping Jessica in Hollywood is her husband’s desire to be in warm weather and play golf. Ultimately, we’re reporting nothing right now except Jessica Simpson is quitting something she hasn’t done in years nor something people recognize her for. Either way, we’re happy to hear she’s doing just fine.

Image via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Jessica Simpson Collection

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