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Jimmy Kimmel Extends His Contract Two More Years

Remember last week we were talking about how pretty much all late-night hosts were bailing and getting replacements? Well, guess what? You can scratch Jimmy Kimmel off that list. Seems he just renewed his own contract for another two years. In the wake of all the changes that have been going on in late-night lately, we will tell you why this was a brilliant idea on his part.

The main reason we think it was smart for Jimmy Kimmel to stay on his show is because there are a LOT of changes going around late night. Almost every late-night show has had a host change, or is set to. We think Kimmel did a smart thing because there are some people who will always pick experience over anything else. There are also people who hate change. Kimmel not only stuck around and got a contract he actually wanted, but he will be the one familiar face in a sea of all new hosts. For that reason alone, he could keep all the viewers who hate change and don’t like giving new guys a shot. It sounds simplistic and silly, but it was a calculated move and a very smart one for Jimmy Kimmel.

While we cannot quite find out how much he was offered to stay, safe to say he made a wise choice, fiscally as well.

(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

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