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Joe and Teresa Giudice Living A Fabulous Lifestyle That Was All A Mirage

A lot has been happening over the last year when it comes to Joe and Teresa Giudice. First, they were brought to court and are going to be potentially brought down on some tax evasion and fraud charges, as well as lying on federal forms to get money. Now, in the wake of the news that they may be spending a long time in the slammer at some point soon, we find something else out.

It has been recently proven by auditors that everything they own, from their lavish house to their many cars and toys, all have nearly zero equity. In other words, Joe and Teresa Giudice have nothing. Seriously, nothing. They do not own a single thing that is worth a penny at all. In other words, there is no possible way that they can use any of their assets to bail them out of the huge amounts of trouble they are in. They even tried to list the value of their dog at $600.

So the real pressing question about the Joe and Teresa Giudice is, what will happen to them next? Well, if you are paying close attention, it seems the next step for these two might just be a stay at a not-so-luxury resort, where there are bars on the doors and the room service is non-existent. Hopefully, this will show a great many other future swindlers that it really is not worth it, and you always get busted in the end.

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

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