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John Travolta Flubs Idina Menzel Intro at the Oscars

Hollywood Foreign Press Association's 2012 Installation Luncheon - Presentation Of Grants

John Travolta flubs Idina Menzel intro at the Oscars? Well, don’t you think you would have, too? It is a complex name, and if you are not familiar with how to pronounce, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.You know, if I was a celebrity, and I was presenting at the Oscars, I would spend the whole night before practicing everyone’s name, just to avoid the exact scenario John Travolta found himself in last night.

So there you are, saying the name of the one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood right now, and you mess it up. Imagine how that would feel? Heck, even preparing for it could still mess you up. So Travolta is on stage, and his moment comes when he has to say the 12 Years A Slave actresses name, and wouldn’t you know, it tripped him up. Granted, he played it cool and gracefully, but still. It is like that moment when you get called on a good team in school, and then you mess up when you are up to bat. It is the one day you are in front of all your peers, which is what makes it feel even worse.

Not what we know, we don’t present awards, but one day. Just watch, one day. And as God is my witness, I will get every name right. But we cannot blame Travolta here. Though after last night and her humble and amazing win, we bet Idina Menzel will be a household name, like she deserves to be.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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