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Johnny Depp Designed Amber Heard’s Engagement Ring

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So have you heard all the buzz around Amber Heard’s engagement ring she got from Johnny Depp? Truth is, oddly enough, he is the one wearing it right now, which most folks don’t seem to know. It is a rather insane story the Business Standard is telling, but we will make it quicker and a might bit easier to understand.

So Johnny Depp decides he wants Amber Heard’s engagement ring to be special, so he designs it. Problem is, he gets it back and had his measurements all wrong, so the diamond was, in his words, the size of an eyeball, so he began wearing it and went back to the drawing board. He then went the old school way and went to an antique ring dealer in New York and got her a different one. He varies between wearing them both and will offer them both to her to see which one she wants. He doesn’t seem to think she will want the one he designed, though, as he says if she tries to wave at someone on a street, she could blind people.

Can you imagine being so rich and powerful you design a ring that you may not even like, but you keep it anyway because you can? Either way, despite the hiccups with Amber Heard’s engagement ring, Depp landed himself one heck of a woman. Few can argue that.

(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Perrier-Jouet)

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