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Johnny Manziel now Hanging out with Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather

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Seems getting drafted by the Browns makes a huge difference in one’s personal life. Take Johnny Manziel, for example. Not long ago I am sure he couldn’t have seen this coming. One day, just a regular guy. The next day he is suddenly hanging out with super stars like Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather. Just goes to show, your life can change overnight.

So Johnny Manziel was filmed hanging out with Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather in Beverly Hills on Monday night, with some other people hanging, too. In other cases, Manziel has been seen around town with pretty much everyone, and seems to really be enjoying the lime light and all the attention. It is starting a bit of a backlash, though. Some are saying he seems too focused on the high life and not what matters here, which is his new gig on the team. This tends to upset him, and he is quick to point out many other players who do it and catch no heat for it. He also says maybe if some of these photographers stopped following him around and focused on their own lives then it would not be such an issue.

It’s not fair to hate on the guy, for real. He is simply enjoying some of the fruits of his labor. We have to wait to see if it becomes a priority to him, and his playing suffers for it. If that is the case, something needs to change. For now, enjoy the ride.

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

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