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Johnny Weir is Stealing the Fashion Headlines at the Olympics this Year

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You gotta admit, there are very few people in Earth like Johnny Weir. I mean, if you looked up fabulous in the dictionary, you would see a picture of him, standing there, looking sharp. He is also one heck of a showman, knowing how to entertain and make the crowds go crazy. Well, as if anyone familiar with the man would be surprised by this. He is pretty much the best looking thing in Sochi right now, fashion wise. Truth is, they probably have never seen anyone quite like Johnny Weir. Johnny would have it no other way.

So for those blissfully unaware, Johnny Weir has been basing his skating outfits in the Olympics off of outfits from The Hunger Games series. No, seriously. Granted, he has yet to come out in a flaming dress, but the Olympics are not over. That is the thing about Johnny Weir. He is what we call a showman. A man who was born to entertain and inspire. He makes no attempt to hide just how fabulous he is, and that tends to only make him even more fabulous.

The other thing is, Johnny Weir knows that if you are not having fun, no one will have fun watching so, so it is quite clear he loves what he does. He has a true passion and talent for skating, and if he wants to don some unforgettable outfits in the process, more power to him. Or as they say, may he odds be forever in HIS favor.

(Photo by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images)

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