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Josh Brolin and Diane Lane are Getting a Divorce

Another celebrity power couple bites the dust. Josh Brolin and Diane Lane are calling it quits on their 8-year marriage. A spokesperson for the couple announced the two are going their separate ways It’s unclear if they have officially filed for divorce. Josh and Diane were married in 2004 and have no children together. The union hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing as just months after they tied the knot, Josh was arrested and charged with spousal battery.

Josh Brolin.  Here’s another one of those guys who just rose in Hollywood and all the while he was being a bad husband to his wife.  I’m sorry but that just really bothers me.   It just makes no sense.  Honestly I don’t have any other explanation for it.  It’s like some athletes out there who get into loads of trouble and get chance after chance after chance.

It doesn’t change the fact that Brolin is a good actor but Diane Lane has deserved better for a very long time now.

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