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Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Get Their Selfie On

Moet & Chandon "Tiny Tennis" With Roger Federer

In perhaps the most shocking news of the week: Bachelor Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell are still dating…. or are they just pretending? Who knows, but if you’re like most you’re just waiting to see the headline that says that JP and his girlfriend, The Bachelor winner (if you can call the person that), have broken up. It hasn’t happened yet and even worse they’re on the selfie-phase of their relationship.

According to US Weekly, Juan Pablo and Nikki attended Moet & Chandon’s Tiny Tennis event in Miami, Florida this week and were showing some major PDA. Observers said that the two looked very happy and appeared like a couple who was very into one another. The two were even caught making duck phases while they snapped a selfie as you can see above. Hmmm interesting..

The report gets worse. Apparently the two sat down with We TV’s Marriage Bootcamp counseling duo Jim and Elizabeth Carroll earlier this week.. check this out…

“I think they have marriage on their minds, but I think what Juan did was a really, I mean it wasn’t a very romantic fairytale ending,” Jim told Us. “He is very serious about commitment that’s why he didn’t jump into the engagement right away, because it is very serious to him.”

Ok so now what do we think? Are they milking their 5-minutes of fame? Are they for real? Well, we know Juan Pablo isn’t… to be continued…

Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

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