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Julianne Hough Opens Up about Child Abuse

In the new film Safe Haven, Julianne Hough plays a victim of abuse. And if the role resonated especially strongly with the blond beauty, it’s because her character’s story hit particularly close to home. The Dancing With the Stars alum reveals that she, too, was a victim of abuse as a child when she began chasing her dream to be a dancer, and she opened up to Cosmopolitan about the emotional scars it’s left behind.

In the magazine’s latest issue, the 24-year-old explains how, at the age of 10, she hightailed it from Utah to London in order to follow brother Derek Hough to a prestigious dance academy.  There, she says, she suffered at the hands of adults who were supposed to look out for her. “While I was in London, I was abused—mentally, physically, everything,” she explains.

Mind you Hough was only 10 years old.  But we have to applaud Hough because somehow she managed to make it through.   Somehow she learned to forgive.  We expect that this role could be a real ground breaker for Hough’s acting career.  But that’s not the true lesson here.

Julianne Hough took on a part that truly reminded her of herself.  We can only imagine the kind of courage it took to play the part and we sincerely wish all the success from this role.   We also hope that the instructors and other folks that harmed Hough receive their fate.

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