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Justin Bieber “Bodyguard” is Accused of Threatening Shopper

A member of Justin Bieber’s crew allegedly threatened a man who snapped a pic of JB Sunday night, and now police are investigating, TMZ has learned. According to law enforcement sources Justin was shopping at a Best Buy in the San Fernando Valley when the adult male, not a crazed tweener fan, approached him and took the photo.

The man claims someone in Justin’s entourage, someone he thinks is a bodyguard immediately, and angrily, told him to delete the photo, which he did. But probably realizing that he could make news, he felt “threatened” enough to call the LAPD. The folks over at Camp Bieber had no comment.

I’d like to add one though.  Why is Bieber shopping at a mall?  Dude could have anything he wants delivered to him at any time.   And B, I really hope this guy taking Bieber’s photo gets absolutely nothing out of this.  Come on buddy.  Be an adult.

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